Variety The Children’s Charity of Barbados annual fundraiser for a worthy cause is done in the form of a kayak race. Richard and I got enlisted into team “The Maria Holder Memorial Trust” branded as Torpedoes. Both of us were delighted to contribute to a worthy cause and be a part of a phenomenal team [The Maria Holder Memorial Trust], who also contributes significantly to the youths of Barbados.TeamPhoto


Just like a triathlon, bad transitions can cost your team a race.T4a

Pre Race

Our team put in some valuable group training sessions, which give us the edge over the other 10+ teams.

Training Session


The race was done as a team relay of six legs, with two persons per leg. Richard and I were on the 3rd leg and started with a few meters advantage. Thanks to our power-house first leg [team captain and coach]. We started out conservatively and build to a tempo pace by 20% of our leg distance, then maintained the pace to the transition area for leg 4.T4 They then had an approximate 200m advantage on the 2nd place team. As our team transition to 5th and finally 6th leg, our lead grew ever more. At the end of the day, our team recorded the fastest finish time, trumping the elite team by 4 seconds, who raced in a different category.

Next year we will go head to head with them. Wining this race promoted us to the elite category.



Race highlights compilation  


Post Race

I got freshen up and ate some lite refreshments a I await the presentation ceremony and 4 pm for another event Olympic Day Fun Run 2017.


Photography [some] complements of Terry Lowe.