An evening run at the Olympic Day celeberations after a fast kayaking race at the annual Row For Charity event. Thankful for the wins.


The wise use of  your race experience can make a race-day victorious.


Pre Race

This week was a recovery period, coming-off back to back weekends of racing and travelling.
I got in one brick session with the guys on Thursday morning and one kayaking session earlier in the week.

The remainder of the week was used for packing in preparation to move into my new home[martial home].


Race day was a packed schedule, kayak race from 10am with a 8am team check-in time, followed by the fun run at 4pm.

The race field was filled with unknown competitors. I did suspect that there were atleast one quick military personnel lurking in the midst. My suspicions were revealed some 800m into the race. This guy[later said he was a soldier] blazed from behind to comfortably take me out from 4th place then he passed the leading pack of 3.

Being  prepared, I kept him in striking distance and before the lead further increase, I surged to gain a 10 sec advantage which eventually grew as we traverse the remainder of the race course. I finished 1st and he in a well deserved 2nd spot.


Whats next?

Maybe one more 5km before I head to London in July for the AJBell Triathlon, olympic distance.


A big HALLELUJAH to God for grace & favour!!

Thanks to my sponsors, family, friends and well wishers.