Pres1I am thankful for successfully defending my AG title whilst doing my first triathlon meet as a coached triathlete. It was a not-so-good swim, hence, a catch-up-those-ahead ride, followed by a solid run. In light of the circumstances leading up to and during the race, it was acceptably executed.

Thanks to the organizing committee of Barbados Triathlon of Island Triathletes[BFIT], and volunteers for hosting another quality event.


  1. A controlled swim =  fast swim
  2. You go stronger for longer with 90+ rpm bike cadence, it also gels well with me
  3. Do not take more liquid than needed during the race

Pre Race

The work began on January 1st 2017, I enlisted with 2 coaches, one for swimming [Jeoffrey King] and one for cycling + running [Mijial Santos], because a local triathlon coach was not accessible. We worked together and by race week, my performance at all three disciplines were sharper than before. Hitting a few PBs on the run circuit, I was curious to see how fast I can go over the Sprint Distance. Disappointingly, I was 35 seconds slower than last year, due to a slower swim and bike. The only 2 improved slips were T2 and the run, hence something good to stand on. See race comparison matrix below.Results Compa

I must admit, I went into the race a bit exhausted. A lot is going on presently, event planning & counselling sessions, work, training, domestic responsibilities etc., time has became even more limited.

This is a very big year for me[us], I am getting married this summer to an adorable young lady, Jalisa. More on that in another post but in the interim, see two images below [by Terence Lowe]. These were taking during our 3rd year as a couple, back in October of 2016.

IMG_1870 IMG_1969


Now the meat of the article, the race. I appreciate early morning races in the Caribbean because I do not have to contend with the sun. The same sun that almost took a few elite athletes lives, right before my eyes.

We the age group racers started off  to a cool and picturesque environment at 6 am AST.


Photo by: Michael Evans Photography

Not the split I was aiming for, but exiting the water in 12th and almost 3 mins behind the leaders, meant that i had to work x 3 to catch up. It took me a few minutes into the swim to  get a comfortable stroke, by that time I was preparing to head back to shore. As I sighted the sunrise impaired my vision, so from that point it was all head down and try to swim straight as possible.

Swim exit
Photo by: Michael Evans Photography


Photo by: Michael Evans Photography

I went fast enough to bail-out of trouble. Five (5) loops on the bike, made it very easy to see who is ahead and by what distance, within the first 2.5km of the ride. I went to work on the bike and entered T2 in 2nd position, closely followed by a T&T triathlete.

The leader, namely, Wayne Edwards, BAR had a massive performance on the bike. He recorded the fast bike spilt on that day, just as anticipated.

This was a solid run, one of my best to date. The leader at this stage was approximately 2 mins ahead, so I made all efforts to close the gap ASAP. Thankfully I caught him during the first of two laps, whilst battling with an issue i.e. having a stitch – cramp in the abdomen, because I consumed too much of liquid during the swim[unintentional] and bike legs. Finally got through the stitch, so the final lap was just about controlling and maintaining my pace to claim the third [3rd] victory of my triathlon career.

Photo by: Terrence Lowe

Thanks to all my sponsors, well wishers & family. Your input got me where I stand.

Event’s Action Photos 

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