Melanie Kristin Price Foundation 5K Run/ Walk 2016

Banner.jpgA Foundation strategically established in Barbados to honour the memory of Melanie Kristin Price, by providing opportunities to excel through education. I encourage you to support their vision in whatever way you can.



One of those small races for a worthy cause. This is my second year competing at this event and I am glad to contribute towards the scholarship fund.

Finished 1st with 0:1:14 second lead on 2nd place runner and my father rounded off the podium in 3rd place.


Being familiar with a race course, can enhance your race experience.


Pre Race

After having one of my worst running experience the previous weekend in Grenada, I wanted to execute a good race this time. Besides at 4 pm in the month of April, the sun was sure to be shinning in full glory.  So I decided to put in the effort to win and not to run a personal best[hard-hard]. Knowing that I have a major triathlon the following weekend & based on the start list, it’ll be fast.
It pays to work smart as opposed to working hard-hard. I  went in the race confident and hydrated.



Start1The temperature was 27.8 Degrees and we were off by the starter’s instructions. I went along with the leaders pace over the first 1.6 km, only injecting some speed when they slack off – to keep a steady momentum down the gradual decline.

Around the 2 km mark I advanced to the front and lead s1svision_MKPF 5K_josiah-102 (1)the race. One person tagged along for a while but with so many inclines on the route the required leg power had to be at par to remain “tagged”. The gradual and constant climb began after 3 km of racing. s1svision_MKPF 5K_josiah-105 (1)

I focused on riding the hill and not getting too heated before the finish. My pace fluctuated  drastically but it was enough to take me home with a comfortable lead.


Post Race

After stretching and re-hydrating, my father and I went to the beach for a short swim with Richard, who is preparing for his first triathlon.

Special Comments

Thanks to the foundation for hosting another worthwhile event and to their resident photographer for capturing the moments.

“The future of a nation is in the hands on it’s children , so make a positive impact on their lives through your actions.”


Photo Gallery


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