Event Report



After a bittersweet performance earlier this month in Jamaica, I toed this start line with a urge to run a sub 17 min. Thankfully,  I only missed the 5 km time by 5 sec, without injury and the top spot.

Race review: Garmin


Always grad hold of any advantage presented to you in a race.


Pre Race

I was forced to cancel a few run sessions due to a sprained toe, but still tried to keep active via cycling and swimming.  Maintained my diet as i pretty much eat the same thing week after week. My plan was clear and short “Run Sub 17 min”.

Left foot, toe next to small toe 



Weather was pleasing and atmosphere was just right for a good race. I went through my cover-wewarm-up routines, applied the sport gel treatment to the injury and I was all ready to go.

We lined up and I saw the usual competitive faces, then off we went circling the town square. On the second lap[1.5 km from the start] I broke away from the leading pack of 4 runners and ventured into the village’s tributaries.  cover-rout

In close proximity was the 2nd place runner, whom I know personally to have a faster sprint than I. My only chance of winning was to work hard now to increase the gap. So I worked and worked, after 2 km my advantage was increased. I maintained same to the end of the race to finish comfortably.cover-spl



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