Completed my first olympic distance triathlon and winning the Barbados National Triathlon Title in the process.


Pre Race

My self constructed training regime included a lot of swiming, with the aim of getting faster at my weakest discipline.  It was so exessive that I sustained a “swimmer’s shoulder” a week before the race. So I was forced to reduce the volume, that reality-check brought to light the need to have a coach.

I did a lot of preparation for this race, so I was mentally ready with a new 2nd hand bike as a -bonus.kestrel-talon-road-105-copy-197261-12

I knew what the expected competition would be like, so having and beliving in a race plan was cruical. Knowing that I have no experience over this distance.




Yes I was very nervous, expecially when I am not active. It seems as though the quiter the envionment the more nervous I am. That was soon gone after the horn went and all the action started.


Swim & Transition From Swim to Bike [T1]


Bike StartThe swim course consisted of a two(2) loop triangular shape in open water . The first loop was encouraging, as the leaders were in close proximity, but I lost a lot of time during the 2nd loop. I eventually exited the swim in 6th, and onto a fast TI[fastest for the race 53secs]. I smoothly fly-mounted my bike after swapping swim cap and goggles for the helmet. I look ahead to see who is nearest, but no one was in my line of sight.




40km was a long way to go which means that the strong bikers can gain a lot of time. My main competitor was last year’s winner and friend Phillip McCatty, who is a monster on the bike, so I tried hard to prevent him from adding to the lead he had on me from the swim. However, as the laps increased my attempts grew futile and he came off the bike with an additional 3mins advantage, totaling an approximate 4:50sec ahead i.e. more than 1km on the run course.

I rode at an average speed of 38kmp to catch 4 of the 5 leading persons but that came at a cost, which I paid for in cramps during the first 3km of the run.




I was really hoping to gain some grounds on the run, but I just could not, given the muscle complications. After 5km I relaized that I could not have caught Phillip so I ease of the painful effort and took it easy to finish in 2nd and 1st local, therby winning the National Title





Do not depend on your run to win the race, start wining from the swim.

Thanks To My Sponsors For Partnering With Me To Meet This Milestone


Event’s Action Photos