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On the dawn of an injury[sprained toe], and an approximate 3 week running hiatus, this race was an assessment of my running status. Not the best finish time but a great race execution and another learning experience.



Focus on your game plan in order to maximize the likelihood of a favourable outcome.ee2f6cfc-8679-42fd-8121-dc57bf26688d


Pre Race

The virtual format of the race course was thoroughly reviewed for my benefit, and my diet had no new pattern. All of my training sessions were distributed among swimming, cycling and strength training. Running was not an option, because it irritated my injury[toe].

Race [weather conditions, warm up, nutrition, my emotions]

At 15:30 hrs, with temperatures of 28.9 Degree Celsius [felt like 32.2] running around Signiabefore the race was not the best option. As such, warm up did not include a lot of jogging, but rather several drills and dynamic stretches with my father and Richard [manager/sponsor].c97396fb-74cb-4c3f-863d-74106c8fdde8

start2The start line was stacked with several well achieved athletes, and we were off to a fast start. Everyone was targeting the peak of the first 90

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degree turn which was approximately 60m from the start line. Some of the guys were out front leading the pack and I was somewhere in the middle. As we completed 1km, I moved up to 3rd place but not for too long as I was taken by another runner, so I sat behind to see what was the next play. As we approached 2km, I was running on the left wing in a pack of 6.

Some 500m from that point, I decided to take the lead and one runner [Hakeem Newton in yellow bib] came along with me. After some 1km / approximately 3:20:00 of pushing, I gained a small lead.
At this point, I took some water at the water station as I did not want a repeat of the Jamaica experience . As I reached the course perimeter north turn, a very strong head wind confronted me, but I pushed through, as efficiently as I could, and eventually made the inbound right turn at the famous Kensington Oval. Running against the wind, but not as Heading homemuch as the “perimeter north turn”, I made all efforts to maintain a constant RPM and an efficient form. This took me to the end of the race where I finished in 1st place.


Post Race

I inspected my toe, but thanks to God, no sign of injury was noticed.

Special Comments

Development is a process and when forced that process can be unfavourably extended.


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