Finishing 1st with a 40+ second lead on 2nd place finisher, placed me in a mentally favourable spot to open the 2016 road racing season.  This race was used as a time trial workout within my sprint triathlon level 2 training program. It was also used as a gauge to see where I am at in preparation for my trip to Jamaica in a few weeks for the Sagicor Sigma Run 2016, compliments of Sagicor Life Inc Barbados.


It is to the benefit of the athlete that they DO NOT lead a road race from the start, unless the leader(s) is (are) running way off your attainable target pace per km/mile.

P.S. Different races require different tactics based on the terrain [road, track,trail, and beach] and level of competitors.

Pre Race

The final decision to compete in this race was made three (3) days before race day, because I was nursing a foot injury. I was optimistic and made preparations to compete the week ahead. Major rescheduling was done to my training plan for the race week. Focus on my nutrition was spot-on as I did not want to crash during my training period. With the race being a part of this period, I was mentally prepared & equipped with a race/training strategy.


The race started at 5pm, one of my preferred start times. Prior to that, I ensured that I was relatively warmed-up and ready to go.

Over the first km [3.13 pkm], I was running in 4th – 5th positions and the front pack quickly reduced to three (3) runners with me running in 3rd. Approximately 1.6km into the race, I made a breakaway heading up a small incline at a moderate pace. To my advantage, no one followed and I was forced to run the remainder of the race by myself. This made the race feel even more like a training session and I was comfortable with that atmosphere. Over the final 3km, I focussed on maintaining a high RPM, standing tall and running within my targeted race pace.

Post Race

After the race, I did a cool jog, walk and light stretches. To restore some electrolytes, I had a few sports drinks followed by a protein source .On reviewing my splits I missed my time trial target by 6 seconds, running 0:10:04 instead of a sub 0:10:0 (e.g. 0:9:58). I was satisfied with the results but it was not where I need to be.

Amidst all, I want to say thanks to all the volunteers, officials, those who cheered on the athletes and to those who are supporting my quest to be the best athlete that I can be.