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‘3JK’ win Tag Team Triathlon

Team “3JK” defeated 12 other Open division entrants and 18 teams all told to win the weekend’s 6th-annual Tag Team Triathlon, organised by the Rainbow Warriors Triathlon Club on Sunday at Las Cuevas.

The victorious squad comprised Kimberly Farah, Justin Scott, Jenna Ross and Kirk Hern.

The event was for teams of four athletes — two male and two female — with each individual required to complete a 200 metre swim, a 5km bicycle ride and a 1km run on a circuit set in the water, the car park and the vicinity of the beach.

“3JK,” with a combined age of 123 years, completed the circuit in one hour, 21 minutes and six seconds. They were followed by Rainbow Warriors Earthquake; totalling 134 years and made up of Alexis Jordan, Jason Gooding, Hannah Lenders and Ricardo Chacin, they claimed the runners-up position in 1:22:30.

Third-placed “Barmen and Trini Gyul” were some distance behind in 1:29:51 was made up of Jennice Price, Adam Cripwell, Debra-Ann Grell and Oein Josiah.

Winners of the Masters division were “+OAW -2Old 2Older” in 1:30:43. Their team, consisting of Cherise Stauble, Mark Ogiste, Jacqueline Sabga and Rudy Bravo, combined for 184 years but finished fourth overall, beating nine Open division teams in the process.

Runners-up in the Masters category and fifth overall were Rainbow Warriors- The Judgement, with Megan Ifill, Alistair Beadle, Kiyome Rankine and Ian Chin.

The Rainbow Warriors Renegades were the top Juniors- Kirsten St Omer, Darian Nimblette, Noa Sheppard and Troy Llanos finishing seventh overall in spite of the fact they combined for a total of just 52 years. Their time was 1:34:23.

Team 3JK