Dualthon Banner .1Flow Energy Sunday 2015

Race: Adult Mini Duathlon [run/bike/run] @ 9:34 am

Location: Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Finish Position: 3rd Overall

Overview: I believe that I gave a good account of myself for this event. It was my first duathlon race and I am encouraged to compete in more events of this structure.


This event was not listed on my original race roster, but 2 weeks before this race, I was offered a partial [75%] sponsorship to compete in the event. I saw it as a good opportunity to get some regional competition exposure / experience in the duathlon discipline, so I accepted the invitation and began to tweak my training accordingly.

My fitness level was at a satisfactory level, and even if it wasn’t – I would not have had enough time to work on that before the race day. As such, I focused on the duathlon transitions and race tactics – which helped me a lot on race day.


Outbound – Friday evening

  • Out of the office on Friday afternoon @ 16:32 hrs / 4:32 pm
  • Reached home around 16:50 hrs / 4:50 pm
  • Reached the airport at approximately 18:15 hrs / 6:15 pm
  • Flight departure time was delayed to 20:25 hrs / 8:25 pm
  • Arrived in Trinidad around 21:25hrs / 9:25 pm  and the airport was packed so clearing customs took some time.

Inbound – Sunday night

  • Race presentation was around 11:00 hrs / 11pm
  • Got back to pack my stuff (cycle and other race gears) around 16:00 hrs / 4 pm
  • Flight was scheduled for 20:50 hrs / 9:50 pm so I was at the airport some 1hr + before departure time
  • Reached Barbados @ 21:35 hrs / 10:35 pm


Replays – Video & Garmin Analysis

From the start of the race, the pace was “hot/fast” – 3:10 sec for the first km. Over the first few meters they were many persons already ahead of me.Dualthon Start. The grass was slightly damp and soft but that did not stop the front pack from blazing. Lap 1 of 3 saw me in 2nd place holding onto the leader– Guyanese born, national athlete Kelvin Johnson aka ‘Skello”.

As we approached and entered Lap 2 of 3, the front pack grew to 5 athletes and I was trailing in 5th placeKelvin in Red.

On lap 3 of 3 we had some shuffling of positions 3rd – 5th, as the first two runners which included a relay-team runner was some 10 seconds ahead.

As we exited Transition 1 (T1), I was in 2Dualthon Leg 1nd place but that did not last for long. I was passed during lap 1 of 3 on the bike course by the eventual winner Trinidadian Gavyn Nero. The cycle course was technical and fast, having a few constant changes in elevation each lap. I took it a bit easy on lap 1 and eventually picked up the pace for laps 2 and 3. Thanks to this competitor, Marlon Scott, I was able to complete lap 3 of 3 a few seconds faster than I would have otherwise did.

We reduced the gap 2nd place had on us to just a few seconds and I entered [please click  transition 2 (T2)  for video] a few meters ahead of Marlon Scott. That made us the 4th and 5th competitors to enter T2 out of a field of 95+ competitors. During T2, my transition training paid off yet another time, and even though I passed my allocated spot, I was able to turn back and still get out of T2 in 3rd position (among the individual competitors) and within a decent time span (less than 18 sec.)

Dualthon Leg 2Onto the final 3km run, just a few seconds behind 2nd place and 1st place was some 1:27 sec / 400 m away from us.

On lap 2 or 3 I realized that I could not have caught the leaders so I checked behind to see how close the chasers were. Gladly they weren’t that close so I had some time to relax / cruise a bit on lap 2 before finishing strong over the last lap to secure a podium spot of 3rd place.


After the race, the top finishers had an [please click  interview] and photo shoot. I got a chance to meet up with some friends and two relatives whom I met for the very first time.

Event Preparation by Host

As an athlete, sometimes we do not see and appreciate the amount of hard work that is required to setup and dismantle a race venue / area. After witnessing these processes, I have a greater appreciation for those persons who give of their time to get these tasks completed. I recall seeing the host (RWTC) working in the pouring rain to get the area cleaned after the race.

For making this trip possible – my appreciation is extended to:

Additional Photos

Dualthon Presentat Dualthon Presentati Duathlon - Photo Shoot Dualthon Transition Area
Dualthon Leg.1
Dualthon Leg. .1 Dualthon leg .2

Kelvin in Red
Kelvin in Red

Dualthon FinishDualthon Presenta

Dualthon Photo Shot

Fun time
Fun time

Flow Energy Sunday-Team Massy

Dualthon Photo Shot.