Every day is a learning experience!

The important part of this statement, is what you will do with your experience?

Will you:

  1. Continue in your old ways [though patterns before the experience]? or
  2. Adjust your though pattern by incorporating the new experience?

Ministry of Education/ Media Resource Department [MRD] 5km Run

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A new and great race course was added to the local race list, the MRD 5km was held on what can be describe as a relatively flat course – around the city of Bridgetown, Barbados.

The 5km race started a few minutes after 16:00 hrs [4pm], that was some 5 minutes after the 3km’s start.The sun was out with a smile and the clear blue skies above indicated that the weather would remain that way for a while.

5km race start
5km race start Photo complements of Terry Lowe

Similar to the temperature, the race’s start pace was “hot/fast”. I was flanked by five [5] athletes from the Pacer’s Track Club, which formed the lead/front pack and we were closely followed by other runners. Some of these athletes were Carifta medalists, and at least one of them was a scholarship recipient and a national record holder. YES!! I was in for a good day of racing!

The track club athletes were running a very tactical race; which I enjoyed. At the mark of the first km, the front pack now consisted of four runners; three Pacer’s athletes & myself. Using the group dynamic to move along the course, several position changes were made as I tried to break their front barrier [i.e. two athletes forming a horizontal line at the font]. I ran smartly and did not put myself in a position of danger[physical contact] within the pack. The shuffling continued and one runner was eventually dropped.

At the third km mark, there were now three runners; two Pacer’s athletes & myself in the front pack. I continued running at them and made multiple attempts to break away but my attempts were fruitless *WHEW*.

Trying to apply another strategy [sit back and wait until…??] resulted in them opening a 5 sec gap on me. Shortly after, I was re-joined by another pacer athlete, Hakeem Newton – the eventual winner.

At this point of the race, I was running with Hakeem and we were chasing the two front runners, who were now some 10 sec ahead. With 400 m to go, I made a small breakaway from Hakeem as I knew that leaving the race to the final few meters (40 m) may not go in my favour. Surprisingly, he held onto the pace and passed me with 200 m to go. I sat on his shoulder and was waiting to make a final sprint to the finish.

Final Sprint Photo complements of Terry Lowe

BLAM!! The sprint was on, my shoe-bottom was already heated from the asphalt and we were going, two tall figures chasing what appeared to be 3rd place at that time. Unfortunately I reduced my speed / gave up when I perceived that I was not getting anywhere in my attempt to out-sprint him. We finished 2 seconds apart each other, I am not proud of my actions at that part of the race, but it did happen so i need to do some adjustments.

MRD Finish

Default Race Positions:

After the race a few things were confirmed or brought to light:

  •  One of the runners competed as the rabbit/pacer-maker [a runner who sets a fast pace during the early stages of the race, before stopping. More frequently used to assist other team members to run fast]
  • Two of the runners [1st and 2nd finishers] did not register
  •  Hakeem and I got 1st and 2nd places respectively by default
  • The wheel chair racers had an accident and one of them was in a drain. Jerome Blackett [ outfitted in Pacers track club uniform], was in either 5th or 6th place at the time, stopped to help the wheel-chair athlete and then resumed running.

This has been a busy month thus far, four (4) races within fifteen (15) days including one (1) triathlon. But it does not stop there, upcoming events are as follows:

  1. Adult Mini Duathlon on 1st November, 2015 : Port of Spain, Trinidad
  2. Open Water Festival – 1.5km swim on 7th November, 2015 : Bridgetown, Barbados
  3. Nations Fun Run – 10km on 14th November, 2015 : St Peter, Barbados
  4. SHINE – 5km on 28th November, 2015 : Port of Spain, Trinidad
  5. RWTC Ultimate Tag Team Triathlon – on 29th November, 2015 : Trinidad
  6. Run Barbados 2015 – on 4th – 5th December, 2015 : Christ church and Bridgetown, Barbados