• 2015 podium spots [1st & 3rd] are a reflection of 2014 podium spots at  the weekend’s races.
  • Different race strategies, route [BIBA’s race only] and weather condition from last year/season.
  • I am satisfied with the new race experiences and the injury free performances that were had.


Saturday Evening: BIBA 5.55 KM
Race plan: Do just enough to make the podium. Reserve my energy and legs for the bigger challenge/race on Sunday.

BIBA Start

Because the race start was some 3km from my home I met up with a friend / fellow triathlete “Darren Treasure” and jogged to the start venue [warm up]. We were out for a good time, he had his Go Pro camera to record an in-the-race video.

Weather conditions were friendly, the race route was changed at the last minute due to ongoing road works on the original route.

At the sound of the start command, I drove-out with my normal strides. By the time I became upright – a few athletes were already firing ahead, so I adapt and maintained a constant stride pattern.

Shortly after my ‘once-upon-a-time training partner’ – David Yearwood came ahead of me so I tucked in behind him for the ride, and we were closely followed by my dad [Orin Josiah]. The front runners gradually fell behind over the first 600 m.

As we approached the 1km mark [leading pack] we had to go over a small hill [100+m] and that is where I delivered the first blow to my main competitors’  [i.e. breakaway from the pack]. Over the hill and away I went, surging periodically to maintain the lead but not too much to use-up excessive energy/power.

I guess I got to relaxed, at approximately 1km to go I noticed a photographer was getting into position to take my shot, but as I made approximately three [3] strides pass him I heard another series of photo-shots been taken. I know he would not be taking the empty road so I glimpsed over my shoulder and to confirm my electric-suggestion, David Yearwood was blazing hot on my heels.

At this time I had to recalibrate my race ammo and devise another plan if I want to win. Knowing that David has a better sprint than me, I allowed him to pass, so I can trail a bit and assess what he has remaining in his tank. After a few meters I advanced to the front, but he passed me again and we did that a few times. Remember my objective is to “reach the finish line first without expending unnecessary energy”.

BIBA VehiclesSo I kept with him as opposed to trying to sprint from too far out. I observed a few vehicles were coming in the opposite direction and they were monitored [stopped or driven at a go slow pace] by the police outrider. Using these obstacles [vehicles] to my advantage, I broke away from David and sprint [at a need to win pace] to the finish.

BIBA BreakawyI have not had to sprint to the finish of a 5km in a very long time.

On reviewing my race replay, I observed that my heart rate was sky-high during the final part of the race. I guess it was because of the anxiety of running the last 1km neck to neck with a competitor. Need to work on this in my training.

More Photos

Darren Treasure – Front Center “blue top” Photo from LOOP news

BIBA Breakawy2

Finish Line Photo from LOOP news
BIBA - Darren Treasure
Classic shot “Darren Treasure” – Man vs Car
Top 3 male [From left to right] Photo from LOOP news
School Friend - Curtis Shepherd supporting
School Friend – Curtis Shepherd supporting
Race Flier
Race Flier

Sunday Evening: My Lord’s Hill 5km

“Clash of The Titans” is not an overstatement. This race route consists of three [3] hills, sixteen [16] 90◦ degree turns and finishes off with an approximate 250 m off-road [across a pasture] section to the finish shoot [20 m asphalt]
Race plan: Sit in the front pack until it looks okay to take the lead, once I can.

We were off to a fast & crowded start – over the first 600 m [first hill included] I almost tripped three [3] times. On the climb of hill #2, I managed to get myself closer to the front pack of six [6] runners and away from the big bunch.

As we exit the hill and made our 3rd 90 degree turn I tried to join the front pack but only managed to get a bit closer to the leading five [5] runners. Ideally, I did not want to go too hard too soon knowing that I have one more hill to climb, neither did I want to be in a big empty gap, filled with heavy head winds behind the front pack and ahead of the chasing runners.
Realistically I was firing in 5th position for another 800 m by myself [that lonely place, with the head-winds], but as we approached the 2 km mark I saw some signs of opportunity. Two [2] athletes fell of the lead pack’s pace and the other two [2] formed the new front pack.

Trailing for a few more meters, I swiftly ambushed the two [2] runners [both of them were from the same club – Pacers Track Club] that were close ahead to me and reduced the front pack’s gap.

Final section of the race

We climbed the final hill and after a few hundred meters I caught the front pack, stayed with them for a few meters then attempted to make a move on a 90 degree turn but I skid on a few road pebbles. The then capitalized on the incident and passed, so I was back in 3rd place. From that point [1 km to finish] I was trailing and did not caught back anyone, they leaders managed to open a gap and I did not see anyone close behind to pass me before the finish so I cruised in 3rd place.