One year ago I competed in my very first triathlon event [25th Annual Barbados National Triathlon – 2014]. That started the ignition of a new journey, and one year later I revisited the same race course to measure my improvements.

Garmin Race Replay & Analysis can be found here Barbados National Triathlon 2015


Race Placings

It was an awesome one year triathlon-anniversary competition. I am pleased with my progress, especially in the swim, which contributed significantly to my new personal record of 1:05:03 over the sprint distance. Thanks to BFIT, sponsors and volunteers for a great experience.


Self-coached preparations were directly on schedule for the event as well as gathering triathlon gears and reviewing tips and advice to prepare me for the national competition.

48 hours before the event – I experienced the usual nervous feelings and irregular sleeping pattern. Every moment of silence was automatically consumed by visions of how events would unfold on race-day. Envisioning great expectations was beneficial, but it also put me in a state of anxiety and worry that I did not want.


Race: The Swim


My swim was improved from last year by 1:50 sec. but there is room for improvement because I was 2:40 sec behind the first swimmer [relay team swimmer]. During the first 300 m I was a bit unsettled but eventually got into a better state for the remainder of the race. I wanted to tag onto someone’s feet but I lost that opportunity when I was unsettled in the earlier stage.

Transition between the swim and the ride was smooth. I also passed a competitor during this stage.T1..


Race: The Ride

Executing my aero dynamic position training

My time in this leg was not a big improvement from last year, still yet the 0:17 sec faster bike split kept me a bit closer to the winner. This was where the real chase began because I was now able to see who was ahead and how far ahead they were.

During the first lap [5km] I was between 2nd & 3rd positions, so I made a move on the competitor and he did not respond competitively. I continued to push my pedals, using anyone in front/in sigh as a target to catch. By that time the course got more populated with athletes [relay, sprint & Olympic]. The rain sprinkled a bit but I was glad when it stopped as the road would have been very slippery for a longer period of time. Thank God no one crashed due to the road surface.

As the final lap approached, my mind was all set for the run, because the eventual winner was still ahead. During that transition, I felt very fast but on reviewing the splits, the time showed that I was not going as fast as I thought. *laughing*

Overall I felt good during and after the ride!

Race: The Run

The run did not go as I planned, but it was sufficient to reduce the leader’s gap by 0:51 sec. and record the fastest 5km run slip for that day. It was not fast enough to take the gold despite passing several runners [including relay runners] over the 5km route. The pace of my run was not as efficient as it could have been, due to a mental course error on my part. However, despite the minor disappointments, it all added to my race experience, which will make me a better competitor in the long run.


I was a bit disappointed after crossing the finish line but when I considered that my race could have turned out worse, I dismissed that feeling. A friend of mine popped his chain during the ride, another guy got cramps until he was forced to walk. I was thankful that I did not experience these things.

What’s up next for Triathlons?

November – Trinidad – RWTC Ultimate Tag Team Triathlon – First trip of my custom labelled “Caribbean Triathlon Tour 2015 -2016”

Race Photos
Complements of Terry Lowe & Kendol Providence

Swim Exit
Transition 1 [T1]
post race.
Olympic Winner – Philip
post race...
My Father in the center
post race....
Fellow Road Runner Pierre

post racePresentation.

Members of Team Massy [Trinidad]
Members of Team Massy [Trinidad]
Some members of Team TriWill
Some members of Team TriWill