Tip: When racing, do not be anxious; focus on the moment, not the desired outcome {whether a good time or position}.

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One (1) year went by so quickly, but I was excited to support yet another worthy cause.

In retrospect, I must say that I have seen some level of development in my racing performance.

Dr V. Chatrani and his team worked very hard to successfully pull of the third annual “Globeathon 5km Run/Walk”, thanks to them. This event was hosted for the awareness of women’s cancer and it was held last Sunday, 13th September. By God’s grace, I was able to retain my title from 2014, being the 1st runner to cross the finish line.

Weather Forecast on Race Day

The weather forecast for that day predicted that heavy rain and thunderstorms were expected, leading up to, and during,the race’s scheduled time.

In light of this, I made some adjustments to my usual “dry weather” racing gear, because as you know “failure to prepare is preparation to fail.”

Health is Wealth.
Members that participated from the “Health is Wealth” group

I was also happy to share that piece of advice, along with other tips,  when asked by one of my sponsors http://help247.bb/ “CEO- Mr. Richard Perkins” to give some tips to the members of our active WhatsApp group “Health is Wealth”  since a few of our members were also registered for the race. I made sure to cover areas in hydration, race-pace and choice of clothing on race day.


Minutes before the race started, the skies cleared up and there was some sunshine, an unexpected change of weather, much to the delight of race organisers and some participants.

Racers gathered to the start line, a few minutes later than scheduled and seconds after, the start command was sounded and we were off. Clocking a decent 3:14 min over the 1km mark. I was tucked in the front pack rotating between 2nd and 3rd positions. 

In the vicinity of the 1.5km section of the race, the police outrider made a wrong turn, which I noticed immediately since I studied the route map prior to the race. However, I made a split second decision to follow the leader and outrider – instead of going in the direction that was outlined on the route map. After 320m,we were back on the official route and at this time I was running in 2nd position up until the turn around point at approximately 2.5km.

Approximately 800 m from finish line

It was then I advanced to the front and led the race home. During the last 800m, I was a bit anxious to finish the race and because of this, my average pace reduced and my heart-rate increased, which resulted in me feeling exhausted and burned out (anxiety rush).

5km split
Race Splits from my Garmin device

At the end, I reviewed my splits and observed that the excess distance was recorded to be 320m.

The race was a good experience overall and thanks to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors.

Currently, I am in my final stages of preparation for the Barbados National Triathlon on October 4th, as well as preparing for the first leg of my Caribbean Triathlon Tour 2015 – 2016. But before then I am scheduled to do a 10km Road Race for Charity ” The Hope Foundation” – is the official Charity for the event, it’s a support group for chronic non-communicable diseases such as Lupus.

Here is the press coverage from The Barbados Today and below are some additional shots from the event.

finaFINIss FINI FINISH     Globeathon FinishPresentation Globeathon Finish2Health is Wealth

Media coverage from The Barbados Advocate


Globeathon-Barbados Today