Quote ” Local road-racer and triathlete Oein Josiah was the first runner home, followed by David Yearwood and Orin Josiah.
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My belief is that – the best things worth doing in life, are those done for others.

On this principle I supported the local organisation who sought to raise awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis.

My weekend was already scheduled for training [brick workout – a type of workout that includes at least 2 disciplines e.g. swim and run or bike and swim] a few months before, but the successful effort was made to squeeze the race into my training plan.

That is one advantage of being your own coach – you make the decisions then deal with the results [good or bad].

The training sessions[brick] can be found here Sprint Triathlon LEVEL 2 -W01D6a-Bike/Run/Swim Brick : By Oein and it look like this:

Saturday morning:

    • @ 4:36am – 1hr 4min easy ride [varying levels of pace]
    • @ 6:00am – 6.2km road race hosted by the CFFB [Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Barbados]
    • @ 8:00am – Open water swim with BFIT and other swimmers [2km – with recovery after the 1st km]

Sunday evening :

    • @ 4:30pm Special Olympics 5km

Reference was made to this race in my blog post dated July 13th 2015, it can be found here A SPECIAL 5K

The Barbados Advocate July 7th, 2015 edition included a coverage of this event.

Quoting ” ‘A Way to Care 5K’ records success


Around 500 participants took over the streets in the environs of Oistins this weekend when the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados held its annual ‘A Way to Care 5K Walk and Run’. This past Saturday, the local organisation sought to raise awareness and funds with the event which ran on a course from Granny’s in Oistins to Enterprise or ‘Miami Beach’ as it is more-popularly known.

With support coming from Frederick Smith and the St. Michael School through the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence as well as assistance from the Barbados Community College as judges and marshals, the run saw around 50 competitors going head-to-head while the walkers were split between competitive and casual participants. Minister of Health John Boyce was on-hand to start the races and also completed the walk as he lent his support to the cause.

Local road-racer and triathlete Oein Josiah was the first runner home, followed by David Yearwood and Orin Josiah. In the women, Elizabeth Renondeau crossed the line first to beat Sheffean Walcott and Gladwyn Yearwood. There were no surprises that the first walker across the line was Dudley Harewood.

He was followed home by Joseph Williams and Don Gittens while the top-three female walkers were Maitred Griffith, Kathy Greenidge and Barbara Gill. Nathan Turton and Joshua Bourne were the first boys to walk over the line and their female counterparts were Skylar Yarde and Imani Clarke. J’Barri Inniss made it over the line as the first youth runner with Christopher Sandiford finishing second. The first teams were Guardian Group and Moore Paragon. (MP) ”

‘A Way to Care 5K’-race route
Race route
Start line
Start line
Start line
Start line
Special Olympics 5km.-
Start line – about to make the 1st turn
Finish line
Finish line
2nd – David Yearwood
3rd – My father[Orin Josiah]
1st Female – Elizabeth Renondeau
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help247 CEO – supporting

Post event shot

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