Massy Rainbow Cup 2015 was an awesome experience & I am looking forward to the 2016 edition.The host Jason Gooding and his team did a fabulous job.
This was my first overseas Triathlon [regional & international].Massy Rainbow cup 2015

Trip route:

Outbound, Barbados → St Vincent (In-transit) → Trinidad →Tobago.Followed by the reverse for the inbound trip. Inbound trip took longer than expected due to delayed flights.20150611_073401

I spent a day & night in Trinidad, did some touring, met up with some friends, enjoyed some local cuisine[sold by weight] and took a jog around the historical Queens Park Savannah.20150611_114705


The day before the event I was making my final hop to the race location [Tobago]. 20150612_090014

By the time I got to Tobago, there was limited day-light left so I was only able to reassemble the cycle and check out the race on-land course [Cycle & Run].


Race day: At 4:30 am I arose from my slumber with thanksgiving to God. I ate some oats, watermelon & cheese at approximately 5am.

Sprint Start3

Race started at 7:02 am with a blistering pace, head-on into some choppy waves in disguised shallow waters. I recognized my worst swim split in the sprint distance to date, heading to the first transition[T1] some 4 mins behind the first pack.

Video Link : The start of the swim leg of the sprint triathlon on Turtle Beach.

Massy Rainbow cup 2015 course elevation
Both Bike & Run Course
On The Bike course

I began to smartly hammer the bike course which had four (4) hills/inclines. I managed to catch up a few persons who got away in the 1st leg (swim).

On entering T2, the first pack was already some 1km – 1.2km on the run course & I was in approximately 9th position.

As I began the run course, my focus was to catch as many persons as possible. By the half way point [2.5km], I had already passed five (5) persons to sit in 4th position. Then came alongside me was the runner of a relay team and we began to battle it out[repeatedly overtaking each other]. I managed to get away from him during the last 700m [0.70km] of the race, which brought me to 14 seconds behind 3rd place finisher [sprint distance triathlon], who was a three times Carifta gold medalist – namely “Mark London”.

Transitions: both T1 & T2 [transition 1 & transition 2]were bad because I began to exit them [transitions] via the wrong route so I had to turn around and go to the correct one.

Entering T2
Entering T2

Finish line: At the finish I felt good, strong and well worked. I was wondering what my official position was because the course was so crowded which made it possible for me to have calculated my placement incorrectly.A few minutes after the results were posted and I learnt that I came 4th and would be on the podium, I felt extremely good because I achieved my benchmark!

Massy Rainbow cup 2015 Awards0
Sprint distance Podium finishers

5km Start

I felt so good that I registered for the 5km road race which was scheduled to start a few hours after the triathlon finish time. I completed that 5km road race in 6th overall and received 1st place age group prize.

Massy Rainbow cup 2015Photo Shot
Team Barbados [Oein & Elisa]

Post-Race:  After the race, I indulged myself in a massage as well as some good nutrition [fruits etc.], I also did an interview with the media and took some photos.

Video Link : Team Barbados Media Interview

After the races [triathlon & road race], I attended an after-race social, where I got the chance to chat with other competitors. Afterwards, I spent some time back at the resort contemplating on how I can improve my swimming *smile*, while Some of the competitors and organizers went to the club for a party.

Up next:

  • Locally: My next Triathlon is Barbados National Championship on October 4th 2015
  • Overseas: I was invited to Grenada [TriDeSpice] which is scheduled for the week after Easter of 2016.

Provided that everything goes well by God’s grace I will be on those start lines.

Appreciation: A hearty thanks to my premium sponsor forever Health &Fitness, as well as everyone who supported me.

Part of My Transition Kit Forever Heath & Fitness Gear

Trip Photos :

Off Shore St Vincent & the Grenadines
T&T Extra Large Flag
First Tattooed Race Number
Pre-race Relaxation – Beach side
Preparing Transition Area
The Timothy’s Family Supporting
Ms Timothy Likes My Medal
Some of My Awards
Post Race Relaxation
Post Race Relaxation
Spanish Triathlete Pedro
Post 5km
Mark London T&T Multiple Carifta Gold Medalist
Winner of the 5km run- Kelvin Johnson [Guy]