My first international triathlon was covered in the print media [Barbados Advocate] and i quote.

Josiah to fly the Trident at Rainbow CupMassy Rainbow cup 2015


Local road racer Oein Josiah will be wearing aquamarine and gold next weekend when he takes up his first international triathlon in the 2015 Massy Rainbow Cup in Tobago.Massy Rainbow cup 2015 course elevation

Known for his accomplishments in various runs held on island, Josiah will be striking out on a new path when he leaves for the twin-island republic on the 11th of this month.

The 25-year-old will be taking up the challenge at the premier event which attracts athletes from all over the world, after first getting his feet wet in triathlons last October.

During an interview with the Barbados Advocate earlier this past week, Josiah explained that after trying out triathlons for the first time, he had a good result and decided to pursue it further.IMG_3976

Noting that he was a distance runner back in Guyana, he ran during school up until preparations for CXCs in 2006. After moving to Barbados and starting the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic in September of 2011, he resumed training and has been a fixture in local road racing since then, adding that his first event was the Holetown 7K in 2012.

It was not until he did a 3K prior to the 2013 Pan American Cup Sprint Triathlon and stayed on to watch the event, that the interest was sparked within him. He stated that he continued to improve his running and got some better times before beginning training for triathlons in early 2014. Noting that the training is very different from road racing, Josiah also revealed that he coached himself.

“I did not have anyone to push me to finish my swim and run under a certain time, so I went at a pace that is comfortable for me and allowed me to improve, allowed me to feel relaxed, allowed me to appreciate what it is that needs to be done. And then as time went by, then I tried to work on time so I was focusing on getting the feel of doing the three events at the same time in a training session, as opposed to just running and then working my way into it so that I could adjust the time accordingly,” he said.

With Forever Health and Fitness backing him and offering support for the trip, Josiah said that he is hoping to do well. Despite going up against an elite field with athletes from the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and within the region, he said that he is expecting a top-five position and a personal best.
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