What caused me to return to athletics?

The above question will paint the best picture to explain this stage of my life.

It was in the summer of 2011, shortly after I came to Barbados from
Guyana, South America to pursue my studies. I enrolled into Samuel
Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP) to gain my qualification in
Microcomputer Technology [City & Guilds].

My game plan in this new environment [country and college] was to get
involved in meaningful activities & avoid bad companies. As such I
signed up for the Christian Fellowship in the first term and,
eventually, The Circle K Club – both of which I became the President
for one year before I graduated. I was also on board with a team –
setting up an Optimist club on campus and lastly but by no means
least, I resumed running [athletics].

The last time I competed was approximately six (6) years ago at
secondary school games. So I basically began from scratch; with long
runs and calisthenics (free hand exercise). Knowing that the first
college meet was some two (2) months away, I pushed my training and
sustained a strained ligament in my right leg [below the knee]. This
paused my progress but was not enough to stop me as I still continued
training and eventually competed in the games, but at a price of a
torn ligament later in that month.

I was decommissioned for the remainder of that year.

To be continued…
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